Guide to getting involved in YRes

7. Regional committees and YRes

It is a good idea to have one YRes committee member present at every regional committee meeting and vice versa. This could be the same person, or you could rotate it, to share the opportunity.

It is also a good idea to share minutes of committee meetings with your regional committee so they know what activities and events you are running and both committees can ensure that you don't have event clashes. Ask them to do the same.

If you are unable to attend your regional committee meeting in person you can provide a written YRes update for your regional committee’s meeting agenda to help ensure they are in the loop about your activity. They might also be able to support some of your initiatives. If a representative from your regional committee is unable to attend your meeting ask them to provide a written update for your group.

You may also want to run joint events with your regional committee and attending their meetings is a great opportunity to discuss ideas.

Developing with Resolution

As an active Resolution member, you may get invited, or naturally progress onto your main regional committee. This does not mean that you cannot be involved with YRes too, but do give careful consideration to your time commitments.

If you move on to your regional committee, don’t forget to keep encouraging the YRes members to progress through the membership network.