• Overview

    This course shows how, using resources such as Resolution's guide for parents, it is possible to help clients take control and set a child-focused agenda for the way in which the arrangements for their children are made. Thanks to OurFamilyWizard for sponsoring this training.

    • Talking to clients about parenting: The Children

      In the previous video, your saw how the feelings of parents can influence the dynamic between the couple.

      In the video below you get a sense of the voice of the child whose parents are separating.

      Often the voice of the child can get lost amidst the stresses and strains of divorce. This looks at some of the typical thoughts and feelings that children can experience during and after the separation of their parents.

      "Dear Mom & Dad" was written by Monica Epperson, founder of The Child of Divorce. Monica experienced five divorces during her childhood and started The Child of Divorce to provide resources to children who are experiencing hurtful ramifications due to divorce. More resources available at http://thechildofdivorce.org/.

      Talking to clients about parenting: The parentsDownload our resource for parents