• Overview

    This course shows how, using resources such as Resolution's guide for parents, it is possible to help clients take control and set a child-focused agenda for the way in which the arrangements for their children are made. Thanks to OurFamilyWizard for sponsoring this training.

    • Talking to clients about parenting: The parents

      This section explores some of the wider issues such as the strain on children whose parents are going through divorce and the strain on the parents themselves. It looks at the issues a lawyer needs to be considerate of when planning and conducting a first meeting with a client.

      Estimated learning time for this section: 20 minutes

      How parents communicate when going through separation and how children feel

      This video provides an example of how the emotional state of those going through separation can vary depending on where they are at in the process. This difference can hugely affect how a couple discuss sensitive issues, such as how they plan to parent their children, once they are apart.

      WelcomeTalking to clients about parenting: The Children